New reporting requirement on nanomaterials in the Swedish Chemical Agency’s Products Register

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has introduced a new requirement whereby companies reporting products to the Agency’s Products Register must also state whether these products contain nanomaterials. The new regulations came into force on 1 January 2018. This means that information on nanomaterials will be reported for the first time in the Products Register in February 2019.

There has been a long-standing requirement in Sweden for companies to register the content of their chemical products in the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Products Register. The new regulations mean that companies reporting products to the Products Register must also state whether these products contain nanomaterials that have been deliberately added.

The purpose of the new reporting requirement is to obtain information on the quantities and types of nanomaterials used in Sweden. This information can provide a basis on which to make changes to legislation or take other measures in the future regarding nanomaterials.

The new regulations on nanomaterials are based on a report produced by the Swedish Chemicals Agency on behalf of the Government in 2015. Companies with a turnover of less than SEK five million per year are exempted from the new reporting requirement on nanomaterials.

Articles are outside the scope of registration as well as waste, food, animal feed, medicinal products, cosmetics and tattoo inks which are regulated under other legislations.

The new rules are being incorporated in the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s new basic regulations on Chemical Products and Biotechnical Organisms, KIFS 2017:7, which has replaced the old basic regulations i.e., KIFS 2008:2.

Source and more information in English: The Swedish Chemicals Agency

For more information in Swedish follow this link.


Illustration: Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube, Adobe Stock


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