SweNanoSafe National Workshop on Research and Education

SweNanoSafe invited researchers within the field of nanosafety, or with an interest in nanosafety, to a one-day workshop on research and education. The participants of the workshop discussed research needs and implementation of results for the regulation, development and safe use of nanomaterials.

The event also served as kick-off for a national network of researchers active within areas important for the implementation of different aspects of nanosafety. The network has been initiated by the SweNanoSafe Project Team and the Expert Panel.

You can find the program for the workshop here.

The following references were provided as inspiration and background information for the workshop:

  1. Prosafe White Paper – Towards a more effective and efficient governance and regulation of nanomaterials, ProSafe Project Office, 2017,
  2. Swedish Action Plan for the Use and Management of Nanomaterials, SOU 2013:70, 2013,
  3. Nanosafety in Europe 2015-2025, FIOH, 2013,
  4. Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020, WTEC, 2010.

If you have any questions about the workshop or the national research network, please contact Rune Karlsson, secretary of the SweNanoSafe Expert Panel, at rune.karlsson@swetox.se or mobile 070-352 4807.

For a short workshop report in Swedish follow this link: Nytt svenskt forskarnätverk inom nanosäkerhet invigt på SweNanoSafes workshop.

For more information about SweNanoSafe read About us.


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