Mistra Environmental Nanosafety Conference

”The interdisciplinary research program Mistra Environmental Nanosafety consortium is organizing this conference to summarize and reflect on the results from its first four years, and to discuss the generation of a sustainable risk management strategy for nanomaterials for the future. The consortium’s aim is to enable integrated risk assessment strategies for nanomaterial impact on the environment, and to develop a scientific platform crucial for sustainable risk management of nanoparticles.

Sessions will be held on integrated hazard assessment of nanomaterials, bio- and eco-corona studies, nanomaterial risk assessment, life cycle analysis and case studies, as well as current and potential future policy and legislation on nanosafety. How will we regulate and ensure safe nanomaterials in the future? What is needed to achieve this?”

Source: Mistra Environmental Nanosafety

For more information and registration, please follow this link.

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